video: "Walk Like an Egyptian" (The Bangles) - Queen of Jeans

Queen of Jeans bring their breezy take to the classic "Walk Like an Egyptian," with the help of some of their biggest fans - their moms. This video from Bob Sweeney is just about the cutest thing we've ever seen and if you have even a single frown or bad thought creeping in on your day just watch this to turn it all around. As the band explains:

I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone that we have a total cult following appeal when it comes to our mothers. They have become our super fans, which we admit is adorable, if not a little intimidating sometimes. They show up to all of our gigs, decked out in their band shirts, immediately rallying together, giggling over wine and draft beers. Total rock stars. I remember one night my mom had brought all the ladies (the band, too) necklaces she made that day with my dad -- these gold chains with crown and guitar charms. All of us sat there watching them, thinking sometimes they seem more like the band! Which I guess is how this all came about. We just had this idea in our minds of our moms playing us in a music video, and our Bangles cover seemed the perfect fit.
It was the best day I think we've all had in a long time, and it felt like this massive convergence of all of our families into one big group. There was a ton of nervous energy at first, but as soon as the camera was on, it was incredible how amazing they all were! I think we all saw a side of our moms we probably hadn't acknowledged since we were little. And now we're super fans, too.

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