Album: Shaky At Best - Shaky Shrines

Getting definitely sentimental on this one.

Shaky Shrines have been and are one of the first bands to really, really support and love on this stupid blog. It’s been an absolute pleasure to share and talk about their tunes over the years, and there’s something about Shaky at Best that feels particularly special. 

Our pals at Wake the Deaf were kind enough to premiere the record, and it’s the same trippy, but menacing garage psych we’ve come to love. This time around though there’s a deep undercurrent of emotion. Listen closely, really closely and you’ll discover a secret unlike their counterparts - a backstory. While similar sounding acts continue to sing of West Coast dreams and nights of debauchery, Shaky Shrines are baring it all - turning life’s most unexpected and hellish moments into a soundtrack of finding yourself, and in turn realizing that in the end “It’s probably totally fine.”

mp3: "Dream Shake" - Memoryhouse

Interview - fk mt.