Interview - fk mt.


Interview: fk mt.

Tomorrow fk. mt will release Fertilizer, the newest EP from the self-describedfuzzed-out, stoner pop trio. Ahead of the release, we were happy to chat with band member Ryan through e-mail and learn a little more about what was once his solo project. We’d recommend checking out two of the EP’s singles while you read, and keep your ears peeled for the rest!fertilizer by fk mt.

The Grey Estates: fk mt. started from your acoustic side project, so at what point did you decide to pursue this fuller sound and what influenced you to add an additional two members, and how did you find each other?

Ryan: We met in the summer of 2013 through mutual friends and roommates. I lived in a house with some friends and then met Brandon our old drummer. That same summer I moved into a new place and met Ony because she was there hanging out with one of my roommates. We all started hanging out and I was also making acoustic music at the same time. I was always a drummer before but wanted to do something new. In August of 2013 I got an electric guitar set up and we had a couple practices and everything clicked. Recently Brandon left the band and we have a new drummer named Josh who plays in another band called the fishing journal.

TGE: What would you say is the overall theme of the fertilizer EP or what influenced your songs/ideas this go-round?

Ryan: The overall theme is about introspection, self awareness and noticing the weird occurrences in life, dreams, reality, altered states of reality and how we perceive them.

TGE: What was the recording process like and how did you land on these four songs as the final cut? How long did it take you to go from song idea to EP fruition?

Ryan: We recorded at the jam room here in Columbia. We did everything in 4 hours. We wanted to record some songs before Brandon moved away so it was a little less stressful than when we’ve previously recorded. We were just like okay maybe we will put these out or maybe this will be the last thing we do. At that point we had no idea but then we found Josh. Each song on the ep is fairly new except roscoe is an older song. But we had been playing them all live for at least 2 months. So when we went in to record the songs it was really quick and everything went smoothly.

TGE: Is there a particular track on the EP that has a story behind it or holds a significance to you?

Ryan: Feeling of knowing holds a significance to me because it was the first song that I’ve  had Ony help me with the lyrics. Or anyone for that matter. I remember we were in our bedroom and she drew a picture of this cool looking doorway and we wrote the lyrics in and around the drawing. It’s a fond memory because a lot of the time I will write lyrics out of anger or sadness or when I’m feeling uncomfortable. But this song came out of a good situation.

TGE: What’s next for the band and what are you hopes for fk mt. going forward?

Ryan: We are going to focus on writing a full length record. Hopefully will record it in early 2016 and we want to plan a few tours. We just want to take this band as far as we can. Some of my biggest goals as of right now are to play the west coast and to press a physical vinyl.  

Album: Shaky At Best - Shaky Shrines

mp3: “So Long” - Martha Ffion