Album: Three - Diners


words: Erika Delgado

Sometimes you need music that reminds you that the simple things in life are what makes it worth it. Those simple moments of being back in your hometown, and feeling safe along side your oldest friends. Those friends that even though you don’t talk much anymore, they tend to always be there when you need them. Music that makes you feel loved and like there’s still hope. Music you play when you feel hopeless, anxious, lost, and suddenly feel the opposite.

For me this is what Diners is. Tyler Broderick has created music that in pure simplicity makes you feel the same way a new crush makes you feel. That moment when having a crush isn’t crushing you, but reminding that everyone can be beautiful and everyone can make your life feel more beautiful. When a song by Diners comes on, my face lights up the same way as seeing my new favorite crush. I have a crush on their music.

Last time I saw Diners live, was at a little DIY fest thrown by some friends in Oakland called “no-dome.” I fed Tyler some cheeto puffs to try to repay them for all the times their music has been used in my life as an anti-anxiety. I’m a very anxious person, by nature, by bad chemical reactions, but when I find a band that just makes all that anxiety feel useless, I fall in love with the band.

The latest album Three perfectly holds true to the innocent beauty that is Diners’ music. Though calling it innocent is not the best term. It’s brave, it’s soft, it’s doing what a lot music avoids: singing about the good in life. It’s not about emotional heartbreak or how they want to die, but how the little things makes all those negatives irrelevant. It’s an album for coping.

“I believe in beauty and that’s good enough for me. /Learning to drift towards the good things.” - Beauty

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