EP: Fail By Example - DERIDER

Music coming out of our beloved Pittsburgh has been insanely wonderful, and we’ve been especially excited for DERIDER to follow-up their gorgeous single, “Rusty Nail.” Lucky for all of us, that day has come and we’re bringing you the stream of Fail By Example - the band’s debut EP. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with this four-piece this will be the material to bewitch you.

Fail By Example is available on limited edition tape and digital download. If you can’t get enough of the band they’re currently on tour, and will also be performing our Estate Party on August 1 (which will be the show of summer, let’s be real). 


Tour Dates:

  • 7/7 Philadelphia @ Creep Records
  • 7/8 Baltimore @ The Crown
  • 7/9 Arlington @ Cd Cellar
  • 7/10 Richmond @ Haunted Mansion
  • 7/12 Nashville TBA
  • 7/13 Louisville TBA
  • 7/14 Cincinnati @ Tacocracy
  • 7/15 Bloomington TBA
  • 7/16 Chicago @ Door no. 3
  • 7/17 Detroit TBA
  • 7/18 Pittsburgh @ Cativo (Ladyfest Day 2)

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