Album of the Week: Can We Still Hang - Daddy Issues

The sounds of Nashville’s Daddy Issues provide a welcome reminder that not all garage rock needs to be about hitting the beach, getting high or pining after your California crush. Rather, this trio inspires and invigorates, reminding us what’s so great about being young, and the wonderful feeling of being a boss bitch in control of your own destiny.  

Their Infinity Cat Recordings debut is a breath of fresh air, but with sounds this gnarly it’s more appropriate to think of a thunderstorm, glitter pouring from the sky instead of rain. On their debut album, Can We Still Hang, they claw, kick and bite their way straight to your heart, tearing listeners apart with their ravaging dose of fuzz, drums and full-throttle fun. If the pop princesses of today like Taylor Swift or Hilary Duff embraced their dark sides, and chased after a “Blue Haired Boy” or a girl named “Veronica,” you’d have Daddy Issues.

Can We Still Hang presents ideals we all can relate to; being your #1 fan, embracing your inner-rebel and of course, the highs and lows of this “Shitty World.” It’s a welcome break from the grunge-pop norm, each moment a welcome blast of original fun. Just don’t come to the album with any preconceived notions about these gals because as a they so sweetly taunt on “Ugly When I Cry,” ‘you might think I’m sweet, but I have evil tendencies.” 


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