EP: Home - Glamour Hotline


It takes a little less than five minutes for Glamour Hotline to kick down the doors to your heart. Their Home EP takes a look at moving in a physical and emotional sense. Moving quickly and seamlessly from track to track, the trio opens the door for someone they left behind, but only to bemuse them with the seconds long "Moving," whispering "looking back is good but moving on is the sweetest." The past will always be there to linger in our thoughts, reminding us of the moments we wish we could forget, but as Glamour Hotline declares on "Home," "I like where we're goin' /yeah we made it this far
don't know what tomorrow brings/but i'm likin' just where we are." Home is the quickest wave from the band, a hello and goodbye that sticks, like the pictures you pack along from places past.

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