mp3: "For Keeps" - American Culture

Friday signals an escape - the end of the office, a glorious two days of whatever the heck you dream up. There’s no better a day to share the newest single from American Culture. The blown-out pop of “For Keeps” is meant to convey a feeling of freedom - the pointless and not so pointless wandering presented in adolescence. As songwriter/gutiarst Chris Dracula explained

“Well, when I was growing up, driving around with friends or with a friend was such a huge part of coming of age. The freedom. The first time you were out on your own. We wouldn’t even need a destination. Just driving around together. Being free. That’s the feel I wanted to make with this song. It’s a driving song.”

Seems as if our weekend is set then. Take a cruise and get totally and completely lost in this moment. The new EP featuring the single is out 11/12 through Unsatisfied Records.

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