Guest Mix: Basement Scene

curated by Joseph of Basement Scene

Let me start out by saying this – The Grey Estates is one of the best new music sites out there. In every post, podcast or mix that Lauren and co publish and produce, a passion for something new, fresh and interesting is radiated. A passion that can't be faked. So when Lauren asked me to do a guest mix for the site I was incredibly excited and honored, but also nervous and slightly over-awed. I've been reading The Grey Estates pretty religiously for the past two years – how could I possibly put something together that would be anywhere near as good?

But I gave it a shot and here it is. The title of the mix comes from Doe's Respite - which is also the name of their excellent debut LP on Specialist Subject Records – and is the closest thing to a golden thread running through the tracks and acts I've chosen.

All of the acts I've chosen are, in my view, voicing opinions that need to be heard, addressing issues that are too often ignored and leading by example through their existence. On a lighter note, they can write 100% solid gold bangers as well.

But enough eulogizing, hopefully you enjoy the mix!

album: Clearing - SOFTSPOT

mp3: "I'm Not" - Daddy Issues