mp3: "“Baseboards” (feat. Briana Marela)" - Hoop

words: Sarah Hojsak

The release of Hoop’s Super Genuine is inching closer and closer, and the group recently shared “Baseboards,” the second single from the upcoming record. The song, which features vocals from Briana Marela, is a soft and wordy reflection on a relationship ending that sounds like a calm, meditative attempt at finding closure and comfort. Over almost five minutes, “Baseboards” captures the mixed feelings of a complicated emotional experience with a graceful decisiveness. “You hold me in a way that pushes me away / I want you to hold me in a way that pushes me to be more like I am,” Hoop and Marela sing, their dreamy harmonies intertwining seamlessly and reaching a layered but peaceful conclusion.

Super Genuine, Hoop’s debut album, is out May 19 via Decency Den Records

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