mp3: "Kill My Baby" - L.A. Witch

words: Kassie Salas

Close your eyes, and picture yourself driving through the desert in the middle of the night, feeling powerful and free as if nothing else in the world matters. Imagine you've just burned every single belonging and memento left behind from the person who broke your heart. This is the exact feeling one gets from L.A. Witch’s new single “Kill My Baby Tonight,” with its inspiration stemming from 1960s film where the female lead is a lethal, to die for beauty queen. “Kill My Baby Tonight,” is a must need on your summer playlist with gritty vocals backed by surfy guitars that’ll inspire anyone to wish for a night of freedom and havoc. Luckily, L.A. Witch is finally releasing a self-titled debut on Suicide Squeeze Records out 9/8 so we can all continue our dreams of being a badass soon.

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