mp3 premiere: "Clothesline" - Keeper

photo: Mel Taing

photo: Mel Taing

When was the last time someone reminded you to be bold, to be unafraid in going after anything and everything you wanted? On the moving and wondrous "Clothesline" from Keeper, the band provides a powerful and always needed reminder to be unafraid. It's part of the band's upcoming EP Sailing that will be out August 4 on Sad Cactus Records. For this release, the band set to experiment with a more expanded sound, while still keeping the intimacy of early bedroom recordings intact. On single, "Clothesline" that mission shines true, in four minutes that feel purely confessional and sacred. There's a somber hopefulness to a guitar that's given room to expand, breathe and flourish, all the while Marissa Lorusso's vocals remaining a profound presence. There are some moments in music where you feel honored to be listening, as if you've accidentally stumbled upon a long hidden diary or a secret note passed among friends - "Clothesline" is one of those times. 

Lorusso had this to say about the track:

"Clothesline" is the oldest song on Salting. It's the first song Sam, Matt, and I wrote collaboratively, and of all the songs on Salting, it's the one most directly written from a perspective that's not my own. It's a song about mutual, but interrupted, desire; I wrote the lyrics from the point of a view of a brave woman -- not unlike one I know -- who feels no shame in asking for what she wants (which is something I struggle with, and think many other women do, too). When we perform this song, I like to imagine I am both the emboldened narrator and the unreachable woman she's addressing.

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