mp3 premiere: "Poor You" - Groupie

On "Poor You," Groupie drags down any pity or compassion for those who shouldn't be in power. The track comes from their debut EP out through Fluorescent Though on May 12, and it's a declarative statement against "people who despite positions of power, talk over the voices of marginalized people and commit the same acts of violence they supposedly condemn." The emotional weight of this message is reflected in the band's unruly and messy garage rock, booming drums and fuzzy guitar adding a kick to the spat vocals and shouts. The single captures a fearless determination, and relays an especially critical message in these political times. As it all comes to a close it should light your heart with a fire to make a difference. 

photos: Gauche with Faunas, Bat Fangs at Comet Ping Pong (4/5/17)

Creator Chats: Slumbers & Ohyeahsumi