mp3: "Wake Me Up" - Blushh

If you listened to Blushh's last single, you'll immediately hear why we've fallen head over heels for the work of Shab Ferdowsi. "Wake Me Up" is the newest single from the band's debut EP dropping in June. It's a frenzied plea that comes while sitting lonely in a bedroom - "wake me up/I'm still asleep/take me out show me." It's a familiar feeling, putting words to the idea of how just because we hideaway in our bedroom pretending everything is okay doesn't mean that it is. Shab's fierce vocals shine with sincerity, cutting through the sheen of energized fuzz that comes seemingly plucked from our favoirte garage rock of the 90s. It's the exact motivation you need to throw open the blinds, find a friend to confide in and explore the world with. And if leaving your room seems a little too much for right now, just reach for a friend in this song and play it loud.

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