Pop Quiz: Frog




We’re kind of huge fans of Frog here at The Grey Estates, and are excited to welcome the duo back for a Pop Quiz that’s really, really unique. While you’re reading up, head on over to Audio Antihero and pick up one of their releases, you won’t regret it.

The Grey Estates: If you were in the movie Titanic what would be your dark backstory and why would you be on the boat?

Frog: OSHA inspector.  I had just written a scathing report on a stupidly huge new boat, but I got lost trying to disembark and BOOM.

TGE: In honor of the track “Space Jam,” would you be on team Tune Squad or the Monsters? Also how good is that theme song?!

Frog: Tune Squad! very good.

TGE: Describe your dream pizza.

Frog: Deep dish Panang curry

TGE: What famous duo (real or fake) does your friendship most resemble?

Frog: Purple and Brown

TGE: What’s an album, that you’ve been jamming lately?

Frog: Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now

TGE: Since your release is out on tape…what was one of the first tapes you bought or what’s a tape you bought lately?

Frog: Cool Angels - Hole The Offspring - Smash

TGE: What would be the title of the Frog Netflix documentary?

Frog: Work Hard, Play Badly

TGE: Give the young kids advice on finding a best friend.

Frog: Mumble secrets about yourself on the subway

Photos: The World is a Beautiful Place and I’m No Longer Afraid to Die, Foxing, This Town Needs Guns, Brightside at The Roxy Theatre 11/18/15

Album: ourfathers. - Movements