mp3 premiere: "All My Girls" - Daddy Issues

Before we dig into this premiere of one of Daddy Issues final tunes, allow me to get sappy for a moment. Following this band and championing them through their releases was one of the many highlights of even starting The Grey Estates. It was my absolute pleasure to spotlight them and to be given this chance to premiere their final work means the absolute world to me. They were legitimately more than just a band who lands in your inbox and continues to pester you again and again, like this is your job; they were my friends.

Anyways, “All My Girls,” is the sweetest send-off you could imagine. The single comes from Fuck Marry Kill out 11/3. The band recorded it after coming back from tour, taking two days to record as much as they could knowing they wouldn’t have another chance before members departed for dreams that took them elsewhere. 100% of the proceeds from sales of the album will benefit Girls Rock NC.

This particular garage rock gem sparkles and shines in a message of empowerment. A reminder that no matter what life throws us at, or where we end up, we always have each other. Lucky for us, we’ll always have the music of Daddy Issues, too.


photo: Abby Oliver

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