premiere// “So I Say” - Oh Well, Goodbye & Giveaway

Bleeding Gold Records is responsible for some of our favorite artists and discoveries since beginning the blog, and we’re excited to team with them today for a premiere and giveaway. 

Their latest release will come in the form of a limited tape release from UK based Oh Well, Goodbye - a self-described ramshackle lo-fi indie act. The 5-track release will drop in August, but today we have this small and sweet glimpse at the musician’s magic with single, “So I Say.”

Ahead of that August 7th release, Oh Well, Goodbye was kind enough to provide a little context behind the tune:

I wrote all the songs for the EP at home, mainly electronically with the vision of recording them with real instruments. It was a really quick process luckily. I scrapped all previous tracks I’d written around Christmas 2014. I just wasn’t getting into a good flow and kept changing them week after week. I was getting a little frustrated at trying to perfect them so one night I just decided to delete them all and start again. So I started a new batch in the new year of 2015 and now they all make up the ‘BG092’ EP.

I engineered and recorded the songs in a cold rehearsal room in Liverpool with my friend Pete. We used a beaten up digital 16 track (Fostex vf160 for the nerds) and a load of crappy microphones. I did the drums and vocals. Pete played guitars and bass as he’s much better than I am. I would show him the song after recording my drum parts and he would learn it very quickly, so we’d just go ahead and do a take. It was exciting and I feel there’s always something special about the first few times you play a new part. It has certain energy to it. It was the same with the drums, bass and vocals. Most of the EP is the first or second take that we managed to record. We drank a lot of beer doing it too so how we got through it baffles me. It was recorded over the period of 3 maybe 4 months but I think if I measure it in hours, its probably only 15 hours in total.

The fun doesn’t end there though, as we’re happy to present a chance for you to win that tape along with a very extensive collection of Bleeding Gold Records. You can check out the full list of records and enter over on our Facebook page and in the picture below. This is the biggest giveaway we have ever done though. 


Rules: Winner will have 48 hours to respond to an e-mail after winning or forfeit their prize. Winner must live in the United States.

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