mp3: "“That Kind of Girl” - All Dogs

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

Is there anything more frustrating than being reduced to an archetype? Columbus, Ohio band All Dogs tackles this frustration in a sweet, poppy ‘raw-raw’ track that clocks in less than 3 minutes. 

“That Kind of Girl” is a fantastic single, but it reaches farther than it lets on. There is pent-up anger, a palpable sense of biting snark within Maryn Jone’s vocals. A phone call sets the stage for the song, “if you’re wanting something else/then I hope you find it.” She is not going to be dragged around, waiting around on fleeting moments of affection and half-promises. The guitar starts off with a bright and sugary riff, but the song kicks with bombastic drum beats and smart power chords. There’s a comparable sense of energy here that reminds one of Nashville rockers Bully. Both seem to be tackling similar challenges that plague women in today’s society. Yet, there seems to be an optimistic and powerful stance that they will overcome, their songs sound like rallying anthems. “I am underneath the water, kicking every day.” It sounds like she’s about to burst free any second now. 

Photo: Hillary Jones

Make sure to check out their debut record Kicking Every Day out on August 28 through Salinas Records. Also, try to make it out to their show on August 26 at the Mr. Roboto Project in Pittsburgh.

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