song premiere: "Type Quickly" - Big Fan

song premiere: "Type Quickly" -  Big Fan

From the second “Type Quickly,” begins, you’re left stunned. The single — which appears on a split between bands Big Fan and Head Spell — is evocative and stirring, holding you in its grip for the entirety of its three-minute runtime. Beginning with light, but resoundingly powerful strings and percussion, the band leads you through a emotional whirlwind, exploring everything from fading relationships (“You’ll be a friend forever in the past tense”) to mortality (“God will decide who lives and who dies/I’m not God tonight.”). And while much of the track remains very subdued in nature, Big Fan leads you straight into one unstoppable finish: their vocals rising, the intensity of the song picking up ever so slightly before a final, quiet finish, the band’s resounding declarations left lingering in your ears

As the band explained about the track: “Type Quickly is a song about spaces. It works its way from physical to abstract as it approaches its loud conclusion, joyously proclaiming acceptance of its position and role between all of them.”