tge tips: how to e-mail your favorite music blogs

tge tips: how to e-mail your favorite music blogs

Hi everybody! I'm Lauren, and this is The Grey Estates. For this post I wanted to help out some bands, artists, and musicians who might struggle or wonder about emailing other blogs/websites, so here's my suggestions.

I can't speak for all blogs based on this advice, but as a smaller site, with a smaller staff, these could be helpful in reaching out to TGE and others!

Tip 1: don't take it personally

There are so many reasons that a blog or someone might pass on your music, so try to not take rejection personally. It could just be a bad day, maybe they're swamped, maybe no one is available to write it, or maybe they just need a break from writing. Also: sometimes the blogs you pitch might not be the right place for your music! If someone made a jazz folk song and asked TGE to premiere it... that wouldn't be a good fit. You want to find the places that are excited to write about your music!

Tip 2: make a list

As stated in Tip 1, it's important to do your research. Find out what blogs or local publications are out there. Look at what they cover, get an idea of their publication, and then decide if it's the best place for your music. Also just have an idea of who runs the publication and who is reading your stuff. Don't pitch to staff members that don't exist (actual thing that happened). Also if you're pitching to a writer you should know that they may not always have the final say. Writers have to ask editors, so be patient. And sometimes writers get rejected, too, and the coverage they thought they could get doesn't come through.

Tip 3: double check that e-mail!

Don't you dare hit send on the email until you proofread. Make sure your information is correct! Spell that album or single title right, get the names of your band members right. AND get the name of the person and their publication right. A lot of times I pull direct from email and it’s so helpful to be able to use the information provided in emails. Make sure your link is working. Accidents happen, some streaming services suck, but just make sure your link is working. Especially if its an exclusive.

Tip 4: use the right e-mail

Try to avoid using emails that aren’t listed. I get a lot of emails that go to my personal/work email which is already full. If you're unsure where to send try sending a tweet to the publication or dig through their website for an about page.

Don’t pitch through DMs. As a lady it’s terrifying to see you got a new Twitter DM. Not everyone checks these all the time. The same goes for Facebook messages, Instagram messages, etc.

Tip 5: give someone time

Smaller music blogs and even just people in general aren't always by their computers. Give someone time to reply, and if you need an answer right away then say that. AND if you want coverage for a certain day send your assets ahead of time. Again, not everyone works by their computer, so it's stressful when someone wants a premiere at a specific time but doesn't send their stuff over until seconds before said time.

Also, if you are waiting on an answer try to avoid pitching other things in the same day to the same person. Space out your requests. It's really hard when someone sends like 4-5 requests for coverage or premieres in the same day and expects an answer on every one. Bloggers have jobs, too, and it's always good to respect that, and to understand that.

it's cool to follow up, but after awhile if you don't hear back I'd take that as a no.

Tip 6: keep it short

There's no right or wrong way to write about your music. It's your art, and what you want to say remains up to you, but get the most important information out there. Describe the music, tell a story, give a fun fact, just share something you feel is important. If the blogger needs more information or wants quote/background they should reach out.

Tip 7: avoid attachments

Attachments are fine if the blog has asked for them, but generally, I feel weird about downloading files from someone. I prefer to have a streaming link so I can just listen.

Tip 8: be kind

Do not be sexist, condescending, rude, short, mean, etc. Be kind, patient, and understanding. Don't get mad if someone can't cover your band. Don't respond with a rude e-mail or discredit the work that blogs are doing on social media. Just be kind. We are all trying our best.