The Beat: Jasmyn Burke of Weaves

The Beat: Jasmyn Burke of Weaves

Welcome to The Beat, a new TGE feature where our fave artists/bands/people give us tips on makeup! The most feature to ever me! Today we welcome Jasmyn Burke of Weaves. Find each of her chosen products and an accompanying single below.


My Jade Roller by Province and Apothecary

Although it’s not make-up it’s important to have healthy, vibrant skin when going on stage so I like to use this with a little rosehip oil every night. You roll the oil into your skin and trust me that skin looks so bright and healthy the next day. 

Tinted Moisturizer by Laura Mercier

I don’t like to wear very much base when on stage as my skin is prone to break out so I find this tinted moisturizer gives me a nice clean finish but doesn’t feel cake-y when I’m sweating on stage. It goes on really nice with a little beauty blender and I find she has the best products when it comes to coverage and that silky looking skin on stage or for the camera. 

#3 Gimme Brows by Benefit 

Ok so yer gurl has some unruly eyebrows and I love letting them grow and be free but I need a little shape and colour for day-to-day. This lets my brows be wild but stay in place and give a little depth. Also I don’t really like wearing make-up traveling so this just gives me a little pop for driving city-to-city or doing interviews. 

#4 Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner by Urban Decay 

I have been looking for a great glittery eyeshadow forever and this one is by far my favourite. Sometimes when you’re on stage people might be quite far away and I find this glitter really pops and is super easy to put on. Also a Weaves fan once came up to me at a show one time and said that although she was considered legally blind she could see me and my movement because of the bright eye colour I was wearing. It allowed her to follow my movement on stage. I thought that was so cool and something I wasn’t really cognizant of, but after speaking to her and try to always wear bright lipsticks or a bold eye. 


I particularly love the bright orange colour titled Scream off of a song on our album, but sometimes Zach our bassist also wears the blue titled La La on stage. It was important for me to create a merch item that was more gender inclusive and colours that would look good and pop on any skin colour. I don’t really wear band T-shirt’s and I generally feel like merch tables can be very “dude oriented.”

I think it’s really empowering to wear a lipstick that’s named after songs on an album you like. Hopefully the colours give people more confidence or that it reminds them that they can be whomever they want to be! I love lipsticks and I dare you to be sassy, passionate and a boss heading into 2019! 

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