tour diary + video premiere: Sharkmuffin

tour diary + video premiere: Sharkmuffin

Fresh off their European tour, Sharkmuffin returns to TGE with a complete photo diary of their adventures + the premiere of a new video for single “Liz Taylor.” Scroll through their adventures down below, and find the video at the bottom!

It was also our van's first EU tour because they bought the week before!

It was also our van's first EU tour because they bought the week before!

Drummer Jordyn Blakely + Our tour manager Simon after their first successful van pack

Drummer Jordyn Blakely + Our tour manager Simon after their first successful van pack

Bassist + Official Band Foodie Natalie Kirch

Bassist + Official Band Foodie Natalie Kirch

Natalie Kirch Tour Highlights/Downsides


-All of the incredible people we met

-The pasta

-The pizza

-The fondue

-The cheese

-The bread

-The chocolate

-The cobblestone streets

-The hot springs

-The castles

-The olive trees

-The Catacombs

-The ocean

-The gelato

-The non -9 degree weather (that was going on in Brooklyn at the time)

-The free and cozy lodging

-The audiences

Chocolate truffles in Perugia, Italy

Chocolate truffles in Perugia, Italy


-My phone getting pick-pocketed

-Tour constipation (only experienced by me)

-Our 26 hour return trip

-The delayed train we did not get reimbursed for

Sole Bathroom Selfie of the Tour

Sole Bathroom Selfie of the Tour

It's important to stay regular on the road so I decided to keep a poop diary for the entire trip to document all the exotic bathrooms I experienced. 

Tarra Thiessen Tour Poop Diary 

1-4 1/5/19 I anxiety popped like 4 times before the flight to Rome from LaGuardia.

#5 First international poop at our all blue Hotel Rimini room. The tiles are blue, the walls are blue, the curtains are blue, the blankets are blue. My coat & slippers are blue. My poop was not blue 

#6 Second poop at hotel after nap at 11:50pm while texting my boyfriend about my flight into a toilet that won’t stop running.

#7 Pooped at the venue in Cermona where there was a Turkish toilet never saw that before. I really breathed into my chair pose.

#8 Cremona, Italy at the place we’re going to stay after we soundchecked. There was an open hole in the wall above the toilet to flush. You just pulled a lever up, I showed the rest of the band how to do it.

#9 Pooped again in Turkish toilet in Cremona, Italy before our set, it a big one and I was nervous it wouldn’t flush. 

#10 Morning in Cremona 1/7/19- tiny poop in same weird toilet with hole in the wall to flush. 


#11 Pre-show at our bead and breakfast in Monte San Vito.

#12 Post show at our bead and breakfast in Monte San Vito.

#13 Tiny mouse poops at our hotel in Teramo.

#14 Real good post-nap pre-show poop.

#15 Rabbit poop at the yellow bar in Rome.

#16 Next to the coliseum, had to pay 1 EU and the dude said my money was fake bc I was American like fake news.

#17-21 Bad poop that made my butthole sting that took awhile to come out in different segments before the set and then the last one after the set was diarrhea and now I feel fine. Am I anxious? Have I been eating too much pasta? What’s up Rome?

#22 When I woke up at our Yellow hostel in Rome and went downstairs to drink 2 espressos and then I meditated.

#23 At a cute hostel before the show that looks like the jersey shore.

#24 At the amazing vegetarian restaurant we’re playing at a half hour before the set in Faenza Italy.

#25 In the middle of the night at our sleeping spot in GOBs. I tried to be quiet not to wake my sleeping tour mates with my plop plops.

#26 After our set 1/14 and some dude that looks like pat from Honduras walked in during it and he kissed my hand when I came outside but I didn’t wash my hands.

#27 Texting Lydia but my texts take like 20 minutes to send. 

#28 Morning of 1/15 after I had weird dreams about Gustafs release show at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

#29 At the hostel in Perugia after the show and nat was like “did you poop again??” And sounded jealoussss


#30 At the hostel in Perugia when I woke up- 6.5 out of 10 bathroom rating bc the bathroom was too hot and we ran out of water but there were flowers on the TP.

#31 At our creeepy hotel near Venice after we were yelled at to shut up, bathroom 5/10 bc no shower curtain. 

#32 Woke up at 8am at our hostel on the top floor and can’t fall back to sleep now. Bathroom 3/10 cold no shower sink is awkwardly placed tp keeps falling 

#33 At our hostel after I woke up at 11am.

#34 First poop in France- 1/18,Reginier at the upstairs of the venue after being fed fondue before playing. 

#35 Morning of 1/19 bathroom is a 4/10 no sink or toilet paper and it barely flushes.

View from the HR Giger museum in Switzerland

View from the HR Giger museum in Switzerland

#36&37 at the venue in French Swiss land surrounded by old people and a dad rock band.

#38 Morning or 1/22 at the promoters moms house after sleeping in the attic on twin beds like little kids.

#39 I had to poop during sound check today which was uncomfortable.

#40 At the bathroom in the farmhouse after our set at the record store and there was the same pineapple light that Lydia got me at a dollar store in El Paso.

#41 Morning poop that felt like an anxiety poop but it wasn’t!

#42 & 43 Two morning poops in Basel Switzerland above the venue and the poop stuck to the toilet after I flushed.

#44 in Lyon, France in the morning after terrible nightmares sleeping in my coat. 

#45-#47 Paris poops at our hotel, we had a very nice view of the road from our hotel. 

#48 Zürich // it was bright green like the food I ate the night before in Nancy, France.

#49 & 50 Italy Poops in a Turkish toilet while I had my period. Apparently I left some blood that my kind boyfriend cleaned up after me. What a keeper. 


Catch Sharkmuffin at SXSW:

  • 3/11 @ Hotel Vegas - 5:45p/ Volstead Stage  (Strange Brew Showcase)

  • Th 3/14 @ Hard Luck Lounge - 3:10p (Little Dickman Record Showcase)

  • Th 3/14 @ Lambert's - 8PM (Cigar City Management/Outer Orbit Booking Showcase)

  • 3/15 Howdy Gals Showcase - Time TBA

  • Sa 3/16 @ Beerland (Post-Trash showcase) - Time TBA

  • Su 3/17 @ Big Easy - 6PM (Queen of the Scene & Left Bank Magazine Showcase)