album: the way i don't understand anything anymore - Eerie Summer

There’s a rainbow colored composition book I keep tucked away in spare corners of my room. It’s the fourth in a series of journals I’ve kept since 2011 - chronicling most everything I’ve gone through - heartbreak, mundane moments, wishes for more, adventures with friends and growth. These books are something I share with no one, but if you could make out my curly scrawl I’d imagine the sentiments would come to sound much like the way i don’t understand anything anymore from Eerie Summer.

My eternal babe at GoldFlakePaint turned me on to this Saint Petersburg, Russia duo and their charming, fuzzy pop. Swathed in reverb and innocent, but sincere melodies, the pair take us by the hand and lead us into their imagination - a place of insecurity (”never good enough”), starry-eyed romance (”i don’t need anybody else (but you”) and self-assurance (”it’s okay”). It’s essentially a snapshot of moments that we’ve all felt life lead us towards, glistening in a dense haze of romance and discovery. 

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