Toon Tunes: Doing the Limbo with Hermes

curated by Lauren Rearick & Le'Donne Morris

A few weeks ago I noticed that Futurama was finally on Netflix and in the midst of my 50 other TV watching attempts I started it, and then I fell in love. Each of the characters is worthy of their own Toon Tunes but it's the lovable and hilarious Hermes that earns him a Toon Tunes suited for his limbo sessions. As you'll find in watching the show, Hermes Conrad may be all business, but he's also a former Olympian limbo-er. This playlist are a collection of jams he could practice to. The first half is curated by Lauren the second by Le'Donne.

EP: Just Wanna Be - ahem

Album: Delicate - Hello Shark