video: "Parasite" - The Coathangers

words: Kat Harding

For more than 10 years, Julie Kugel, Meredith Franco, and Stephanie Luke, known as The Coathangers, have been putting out must-listen punk music. Last year saw the release of Nosebleed Weekend, on Suicide Squeeze Records, and the band has been touring relentlessly ever since. In celebration of embarking on part two of their epic world tour, they released new single/video, “Parasite".

The clips features the band tucked away in the corner of someone’s living room - this is the house show of your dreams. “I don’t want a parasite, making me so fucking tired,” Kugel screams, while mystery folks in horse head costumes dance around, making a fun scene out of a pretty serious song. Listen to this when you’re mad about anything, but especially politics, which should mean you’re listening to this daily. Stay angry to stay motivated!

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